Practice Areas
  1. Corporate & Commercial Law
    • Management & Compliance
    • International & Local Joint Ventures
    • Oil & Gas
    • Intellectual Property (Trademark Registrations, Disputes, Patents & Copyrights)
    • Building, Engineering & Construction Contracts
    • Banking
    • International Trade
    • Insurance
  2. Real Estate
    • Portfolio Acquisitions & Disposal
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Commercial Leases
    • Residential Developments
    • Landlord & Tenant
    • Planning
  3. Private Clients
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Probate
    • Succession
    • Succession Planning
    • Estate Planning
  4. Litigation & Dispute Resolution
    • Administrative Judicial Review
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Civil litigation
    • Regulatory & Tribunals
    • Arbitration
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Human Rights Actions

    Patrick Okoh and Company has been engaged in a wide range of litigious matters in Courts in Nigeria as well as international arbitration proceedings. In many instances, these actions involved complex matters and multi-jurisdictional aspects. A selection of the notable cases the firm has handled are:

    1. Savannah Bank of Nigeria Plc v. Oladapo Opanubi Supreme Court of Nigeria case (2004) 15 NWLR, (Pt. 896) pg. 437. Action based on contract – Qnantum Meruit; Nature of claim based thereon; purpose and compensation awardable.
    2. State v. Olatunji, Supreme Court of Nigeria Case, (2003) 14 NWLR Pt. 839, 138. Interpretation of Statutes, Illegal Orders, Power to Convene General Court Martial and try persons who have ceased to be subject to service laws.
    3. Nigeria Airforce v. James Supreme Court of Nigeria Case (2002) 18 NWLR Pt. 798 Pg. 295 – General Court Martial, Power to convene, power to invoke restitution, presumptions, Power to try retired officers.
    4. United Agro Ventures Ltd. vs. F.C.M.B Ltd. Court of Appeal case – Interpretation of Statute; Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. How construed (1998) 4 NWLR (Pt. 54) pg. 546.
    5. Attorney General of the Federation v. E.I. Ijewere and G. Cappa Ltd, Court of Appeal case – Action against the company and the Federal Government on forfeiture of shares and dividends of a minority shareholder (1986) 1NWLR (Pt. 37) Pg. 659.
    6. Attorney General of the Federation v. Ijewere Court of Appeal case, (1995) 1 NWLR (Pt. 415) pg. 618 – Setting aside a judgement on alleged fraud.
    7. Basic Commerce and Finance Limited v. Michado and Company Limited – unreported Suit No. CA/L/105/95 – Court of Appeal Case. Enforcement of foreign arbitration award.
    8. Michado and Company Inc. v. Modak Enterprises Ltd. – Unreported. Court of Appeal case – Suit No. CA/L/104/95 – Enforcement of foreign arbitration award.
    9. G.Y. Peters v. A.W. Thorpe – Unreported Court of Appeal case – Suit No. CA/L/124/92 – claim of title to land and injunction.
    10. Buckingham Limited v. British – America Insurance Company Limited – Unreported Court of Appeal case Suit No. CA/L/365/97 – Action on Performance Bond.
    11. Christiana O. Fashesin – Souza and another v. Nigerian Food Supply and Cold Storage Company Limited – Unreported Federal High Court case – Suit No. FHC/L/CP/118/13 – Minority Shareholders petition to wind up the defendant company on alleged oppression of the minority.
    12. Business Contracting Ltd (BCL) vs. Akwa Ibom State Government– Arbitration Dispute arising from complex building and road construction contracts Enforcement of the award.
    13. FHC/L/CS/243/13; Domino Stores Ltd. vs. Registrar of Trademarks & Domino’s IP Holder LLC (Action for removal of registered trademark from trademarks register.
    14. FHC/L/CS/981/12; Domino Stores Ltd. vs. Eat ‘N Go (Action on trademark infringement)